Yale Pioneer Cemetery

Located just west of Yale, on the Trans Canada Highway, the cemetery was established in 1858. The original cemetery was located next to Yale Creek but the discovery of gold nearby lead the miners to relocate the four original graves to their present location in order to extract gold from the area.  A variety of unique and interesting headstones date from 1863 right up to present day.

Two notable graves are for William Teague and Ned Stout.  Teague was a respectable gold commissioner, mining recorder and government official.  The original family home dating back to 1864, is located in Yale.

Ned Stout, originally from Bavaria, moved from California in 1858 in the pursuit of gold and was wounded in the Fraser Canyon War.  He moved north, finding his wealth near Barkerville where an area called ‘Stout’s Gulch’ still bears his name.Ned retired in Yale and died in 1924 at the age of 100 years.